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We all have that one wall in our house that has nothing on it or something on it that we just don’t love. Well, you’re not alone! Here are some ideas to decorate that wall, and hopefully one of them will help you get inspired to truly make it your own!

Wall Gallery

Whether you like a more eclectic style (left) or a more organized, formal look (right) – you can accomplish filling any wall with things you love. For a more eclectic style you can mix up your color palette, shapes, sizes and hanging space to create variety. You can either have a cohesive feel or totally mix it up to add gallery wall interest. If you’re going for a more clean, formal look you might use family images to compose this look. If the images aren’t all from one time – or photography session you can make them cohesive by doing them all in black and white or putting the same filter on them to bring the look together. You might even try this look with framed prints. Whatever your style is – the options are endless!

Statement Piece

If you are going for a simple, clean look you might try a single image to fill your wall. A few tips on this is to make sure your piece is in proportion to the space. We like how the black and floral piece – though 2 pieces still feels like one.

Use Unlikely Objects

Sometimes we have to think a little out of the box and what better way to display beautiful things than on a wall? Here are a few ways unlikely objects can become wall art. What interesting things can you come up with? Things like woven baskets, dishes or even plants can become wall art.

Mirror, Mirror

Sometimes a mirror is the perfect piece for a wall. Mirrors add extra light and can make a space feel larger than it is. Here’s a few looks we are loving.

Check out more ideas…

Do you have any great ideas you’ve implemented in your home? We’d love to hear! We hope this post inspired you to create something within your home and try out a new idea! Happy decorating!

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